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PostSubject: Josh's App   Josh's App Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2007 1:37 am

1. Your Real Life name and age:My real life name is josh im 38

2. Account name, characters level and faction:Josh lvl 70 and horde ofc

3. do you have any past experiences as a gm?:Yes I have previously been a gm on this server

4. Do you know how to fix bugs, by scripting the fixes youself for the databse?(remember this is antrix database);I can get my way around but I have fun helping people from getting unstuck and my favorite things about private server is having fun with people

5. you know any script languages? if u do, wich language(s), and would u look at urself as beginner, middle or pro?:middle

6. do you type fast?:yes can do 200wpm last time I checked

7. do you take crap from people?:Depends what he/she does to me

8. do you have mic, skype or msn?:yes I have a mic and msn

9. do you kno any other languages than english?(good english is required!):no I am american and I know all of english

10. if its anything else u want to say about yourself that cud improve your gm app, write it here:I like to have fun ride motocross play wow etc

11. Do u kno the Antrix emu commands? :yes I run my own antrix server

12. information about you:ride motocross play wow and cs like heavy metal rock classic lil bit of rap
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PostSubject: Re: Josh's App   Josh's App Icon_minitimeFri Oct 15, 2010 5:14 am

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Josh's App
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