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 Zerg GM aply

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PostSubject: Zerg GM aply   Zerg GM aply Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 9:15 pm

i know u werent making everyone gm yet.. but just when u are ^^

1. Your Real Life name and age:
Michel Baartman 18

2. Account name, characters level and faction:
(will send trough pm if u want) 2x lvl 70 rogue and shaman alliance

3. do you have any past experiences as a gm?:
Yep... i was on a later Antrix server, that was 2.0 -> 2.1.2 to

4. Do you know how to fix bugs, by scripting the fixes youself for the databse?(remember this is antrix database);
im an awful scripter -.- but i do know how 2 fix some bugs:)

5. you know any script languages? if u do, wich language(s), and would u look at urself as beginner, middle or pro?:
less then Beginner:P

6. do you type fast?:
Uber-imba quickly

7. do you take crap from people?:
No, bite me and i'll bite back

8. do you have mic, skype or msn?:
Mic + Msn + Ventrillo

9. do you kno any other languages than english?(good english is required!): i'm in holland so Dutch is my mother language and i speak english very good to.

10. if its anything else u want to say about yourself that cud improve your gm app, write it here:
Im very nice Smile and i dont give things to people **SWEAR**
i wont do anything (exept events) without permission or objective

11. Do u kno the Antrix emu commands? :
Yep... got an whole list of them but i already learned them in my head ^^
.gobject spawn --id--
.npc posses
and a lot more... and linking em because you all know it so its useless, 2 commands are enough ^^

12. information about you:
I'r teh hax
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Zerg GM aply
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