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 Tyler for GM

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PostSubject: Tyler for GM   Tyler for GM Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2007 5:41 am

1. Your Real Life name and age: Tyler (obviously) age 16

2. Account name, characters level and faction: Account name Tyler lvl 70 Tauren Warrior

3. do you have any past experiences as a gm?: Nope

4. Do you know how to fix bugs, by scripting the fixes youself for the databse?(remember this is antrix database); None, but willing to learn if needed

5. you know any script languages? if u do, wich language(s), and would u look at urself as beginner, middle or pro?: none, but willing to learn if needed

6. do you type fast?: yes

7. do you take crap from people?: only some

8. do you have mic, skype or msn?: Yes, MSN

9. do you kno any other languages than english?(good english is required!): none

10. if its anything else u want to say about yourself that cud improve your gm app, write it here: I am generally very helpful to the other players on the server if they have questions or are stuck, good with computers and know limited ammount of HTML, Have good judgement but will not tollerate some things (racism/constant spam or swearing/threats) ext..

11. Do u kno the Antrix emu commands? : not really

12. information about you: Im 16 from Michigan, U.S.A
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Tyler for GM
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